Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loyalty ... in defense of The Duck

I posted a story about my Teddy Bears yesterday. I made a couple of comments about The Duck's grumbling concerning my bears. Our daughter (Bz) commented in defense of him ... and she's right ... he does not give me any serious or mean spirited static about the bears. He even put several shelves in one of the bear rooms where the bears reside now in an orderly fashion. The bears are not The Duck's thang ... nor are they special to anyone else in my family, but that's okay. I adore them, I enjoy them and that's okay as well. I've managed to 'cut back' on them, haven't bought a new bear (or an old one either!) in several years and as I mentioned I am giving some away.

But this is not about the bears really ... it's about loyalty ... and that is nothing to joke about or be clever or sarcastic. Being fiercely loyal to one's family is but one of the many admirable traits that our daughter possesses. She takes after her daddy in that way ... and I could not ask for anything more.


Bz said...

Ooohhhhhhhhh... (semi teary) ... :-) ....isn't that sweeeeeeeet.
Mmmmmwwwhhahhh! (aka 'swak') to you!

Tatersmama said...

You two make me miss my Mama...