Monday, June 1, 2009

Singing The Blog Blues

I posted a beautiful story about one of my hospice patients ... Joy ... this morning. When I was finally able to go online this afternoon (we've had guests for a week ... and went to Houston on Friday to celebrate The Duck's 65th birthday and grandson's 13th birthday) I was dismayed to see that the post was one very long paragraph, no indentions, no separating of paragraphs!!! First thing I did was write Bz (it was Someone's nap time and I know better than to call during that time!) besides I was in sore need of a nap myself. (I had returned to the recreation center for an early strength training class after a week off) Bz called me and we commiserated about this funny little thing called BLOGGING. I have spent the better part of this afternoon and evening ... and am no closer to correcting the post. I've deleted the post about a dozen times, written it in Html then copied and pasted, I've done things I don't even know how to tell you ... but without success! I've read several of my blog friends similar battles ... but I am computer illiterate ... I'm having some awful side effects from a new 'miracle' medication and between the 'fog' I'm living in and the blahs from this darn blog .... well, Fiddly De! I can't be bothered by this silliness right now. I'm headin' for the shower and my soft bed. As dear Scarlett would say "Aye will just have to think about this tomorrow!"

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Jadehollow said...

So sorry you're having blog problems.. hopefully you'll go from blue to sunshine yellow tomorrow.. I just checked on your package .. and it says it'll be there on Tuesday. I'm kinda at a loss at why it took 3 days between Covington Ga to Ellenwood Ga which is only about 30 minutes apart.. but only took a day and a half to travel hundreds of miles from Ellenwood Ga to Hutchins, Tx.
Hopefully the lil tracker site is correct and you'll be unpacking your box early tomorrow morning.

Now as for your blog post.. if you need help I'll be glad to help you out if I can. Sounds like maybe you accidently changed one of your settings.. if that is the case I can walk you through it... easy peesy! Just let me know and I'll email you my phone number and you can call me.