Monday, September 7, 2009

Seven Days on the 'Throw Down' Can Make One Weak

Okay ... I'm honestly joking about the 'weak' thing ... I haven't felt this good in quite a while. I started Robynn's Ravings 30 day Thrown Down on Monday, the 31st of August ... now who's a 'red pen'??? (inside joke) I weigh only once a week (on Mondays) so it just seemed that I should start this 'journey' on a Monday rather than the first of September which was a Tuesday. Besides September has only 30 days and one of them is my birthday ... well, I digress and I'm sure you get the idea. I wrote a bit of an 'emotional' comment on Robynn's initial posting about the 'Throw Down.' It actually did bring tears to my eyes (but then I bawl at the Depends commercials !!!) I have always used humor as a shield to hide behind ... not wanting others to either see the real me or see me. Obviously, some of my attempts have fallen flat!! I've had a life long battle with my weight and it is with reluctance and more than a little shame that I admit to 'Blogworld' that I am OBESE ... there .... it's official, for all the world to see ... I am part of an epidemic. Butt <--- not a typo!! I am, also, doing something about my weight this time. What makes this time any different that the tons of others attempts? I honestly cannot tell you, there are a myriad of reasons and perhaps for the first time in my life, none involve vanity. My impetus is to be healthier. It's that simple ... I want to grow old with The Duck ... I want to get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren, I want to see my grandchildren grow and blossom into self-sufficient, happy, kind, adults (just not too fast, please) ... I want to finish my book on hospice patients ... I want to live every day for the beginning it truly is and not lament that life is racing too fast towards a 'finish' line.

This past week has produced several successes ... I have not had any carbonated beverages, diet or otherwise. I have kept a journal of my food, I've attempted some new recipes using fresh vegetables, I have exercised four times (breaking a sweat in water aerobics is a big deal!!) , I've lost another 2 pounds (making the total since starting a whoppin' 6 pound loss) but that's not the biggest (no pun intended) result ... the one that I am most proud about and The Duck must be very appreciative for is my attitude. I have been in dire need of an AA meeting. (Attitude Adjustment) This first week of the challenge has ended with my having a very 'cheery' positive disposition!!! I more 'glass half-full' ... I hum while I'm doing chores ... I smile more ... I'm happier. I'm doing something for myself and it isn't selfish. Thank you to my 'partners in crime' going down this road with me. Thank you once again, Robynn.

WEIGHT LOSS TIP (from DIET HUMOR guru: Daniel Worona)

100 laughs a day is equal to 10 minutes of exercise! How can it can get any easier than that?


Neas Nuttiness said...

From one Fruitcake to another - I hope that you continue having success and a wonderful attitude.

I haven't been doing as well. I hadn't really thought out this whole Throw Down, before I jumped in head first. But - I'm going to keep plugging away.

I'm going to take a cue from you, and write out why I want and need to lose weight and become healthier. I'll print it out, and read it over and over again. I think it may help to get me in the right mind set.

Thanks so much.
PS - I didn't lose this week...I gained *groan*.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Sandy, you are amazing! It is so hard to change eating habits. But what I LOVE about this is our only parameters are walking away from fast food and highly processed foods. If you can portion control, all the better. If you can exercise? Yahoo, too. We will be addressing those issues in months to come but we're in this together and healthy eating has this WONDERFUL side effect: it has a significant impact on mood. And we aren't depriving ourselves. We're feeding and caring for ourselves.

If I lose ten lbs. in a year I'll be glad. But I know it will be more than that. I've actually been doing this about six weeks now and I'm down 12. Portion control is the hardest for me but I'm so AWARE now at each meal. If it goes in my mouth, it has to actually be feeding me. No eating for entertainment purposes only.

I admire you, dear friend. And YOU are encouraging to ME!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Hey there, I followed you link from Robynn's Ravings. Love her blog.

I'm on the fence with the 30 day trow down. But I so identify with your life long struggle, I have had this struggle myself all my life. I am currently at a very frustrating plate and have been working out at least 4 to 7 days a week (sometimes twice a day if the hubs is in town and we work out before dinner) for 30 to 45 minutes for over a month now and have not lost anything, very frustrating to say the least.

Glad you are getting some success!!! That is wonderful!

I visit again!


Linda said...

That is so fantastic about the carbonated drinks, or soft drink as we call it here.