Thursday, September 16, 2010

100 Posts ... and so much more !!!

This is my 100th posting for my little blog.
It's been quite an adventure, too.

I wrote my first post back on the first of April in 2009. I used it at first to see some of my 'stories' about my hospice nursing career in print. I still have hopes of bringing that special book "Chapters of Goodbyes" to life one day. Then much to my surprise and delight I started getting comments ... comments that I had touched someone's heart, or triggered a memory. That was like music to my ears ... I was 'hooked' on blogging.

I was/am still a novice at this blogging ... my daughter (Bz at The Mosquitoes Buzz ) introduced me to the 'blog world.' So much has happened over this span of time. I have an eight month old grandson now ... his 'big' sister is my own personal glimpse of Heaven on Earth. I'm recovering from yet another surgery (I've had 5 surgeries in just a little over two years.) I've 'met' some of the most interesting people and made new friends via the blog world. I've shared laughter and tears with so many others. I've traveled to the other side of the world in a nanosecond!

I've discussed political, religious, and personal subjects (yup, all taboo) ... and exchanged my own point of view. This is not my usual Modus Operandi ... I'm one of those people that would go around the block rather than have a confrontation.

In these very tense, trying times in our world, it has been enlightening to learn how other people deal with the stress of every day living. I started blogging like most of my fellow bloggers ... almost everyday I'd turn to my computer with some sort of offering.

I stayed up much too late trying to be clever and creative ... it took me much too long to realize that this should be fun and for ME alone. I have 'fought' with my computer beyond belief ... and trying to learn the ropes about blogging wasn't any picnic either.I'm on 'play-cation' right now and I spent more time than I care to admit reading some of my old posts today. Hey, some were actually very good, if I may say so. It's been quite a ride, indeed. I don't post nearly as often as I did at first ... it funny, we're retired and have never been busier! But when I do wander back into the blog world, I am never sorry. I only allow myself time to follow a few very special blogs. I miss some of the blogs that I first read ... and I treasure the ones that I continue to pop in on occasionally. It's been fun ... here's to many more moments to share.

And a special thank you to all my fellow travelers on The Blog Road!!!


Bz said...

Wow, I see you've been hopping around googling images with this post. Does make for enjoyable viewing. Don't stay up too late... but I guess you have a 'qwacker' to keep you in line... er, I mean 'on schedule'.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

The Duck Doth Quack ... bless his little beck ... and that's a very good thing! LYM