Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Believe ....

Every once in a while I get a email that makes me stop and think.  Some are funny, some are philosophical, some are 'sweet' while others are 'naughty.'  Many emails have been political while others are simply sent for their aesthetic qualities.  The following photos were sent with a message "thought this could help your heart smile" ... and it did indeed.  I've used that expression 'heart smile' many times referring to what my grandchildren do to my own heart.  And so, for no other reason that I LOVED this email and
I DO Believe these things to be true!!!

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Bz said...

Yes, I thought this was a fantastic email. Very good message without overstating and telling to send to x number of people, etc.
And, most of the babies faces look to be genuine (with the exception of the surprised babies eyes , the others look real).
Would be neat to have posters prints to hang around the shop.