Friday, April 3, 2009

Blogging 101

This can become addictive ... blogging, I mean. I had lunch with a friend today who is working two jobs (and bracing herself for her husband to be laid-off soon) I told my very weary friend that I had started a Blog ... that's all I said, "by the way, I started a blog on Wednesday" Let's just say her reaction was less than enthusiastic. Somewhere between the green tea and chicken lettuce wraps, she remarked "I think people that do that sort of thing have entirely too much time on their hands." When she looked up and saw that I was staring at her ... flat affect ... she quickly added "well, in your case it could be like a hobby, right?" Before I rant too much about her opinion, I have to confess that I felt the same way ... at one time. I've read some of the posts of others and found myself wondering how they managed to have any sort of life because it seemed like they were constantly blogging. Then I discovered (via Ms. Red Pen) that many posts are written over the weekend or in the wee hours ... and then 'posted' on certain days. Oh? ... okay ... that made it better ... I guess. But it still seemed to me if you were on the computer that much, something wasn't getting done. Yes, I was being judgmental and that's something I don't want. All of this reminded me of something my daughter copied from yet another blog ... about saying NO. Robynn's Ravings said:

When I can't seem to say no I try to remember a gal I heard lecture about this. She said, "None of us have a problem saying no. We just think we do. When we say "yes" to something we don't really have time for or want to do, we are saying "no" to other things that would be more important. No to family, or no to our other planned commitments, no to sanity or health, etc. So, ask yourself when you say "Yes" what you're actually saying "No" to."

Soooo, what I think I would say to anyone about blogging is yes ... it can become addictive and I will have to be more aware of the time I spend .... and what else I'm saying "no" to in order to be on the computer. For me, at least, right now, I enjoy writing a little bit here and there ... and at the same time, I am sending a little prayer up that my friend's husband is not laid off and that she gets some well deserved rest.


Anonymous said...

Found your blog! Looks like you are off to a good start! I know what you mean about this blogging thing, I could get addicted too! And you don't sound like a Fruitcake to me!

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Welcome ... and thank you for thinking that I don't sound like a fruitcake to you. At this moment, more Jello than fruitcake :>)