Thursday, May 7, 2009

All Aboard !!!! Durango, Colorado

The Duck has been taking our plethora of slides and 'digitizing' them on a scanner one by one. Got the neat new 'toy' which makes the process so easy. He was working on 1975 slides and found this one of us when we were in Colorado August 1975 in Durango. I love the sheepish grin on our son's face ... the 'Bz' is a serious little camper ... we camped in a tent with a catalytic heater, drove from Ouray to Durango early to catch the Narrow Gauge Train. Where did the time go??? I know it was only yesterday .....


Lucas*Jennifer*Noah said...

Well, you and BZ look just about the same! I've been wanting to "digitize" all of our negatives too... is it a big headache?

By the way... BZ sent me this direction :)

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Welcome ... have you had your eyes checked lately?!? 34 years have made a BIG difference!!! :>) The scanner cost around $300, the software comes with the scanner. It's 'easy' for me ... because the Duck is doing it ... but seriously, he says it's not difficult, just time consuming. Hope this helps you and again, welcome, stop by anytime!

Robynn's Ravings said...

OH! I LOVE THIS. There's you and my LITTLE friend, BZ!!

Thank you for your love and kind words on my blog and I receive that hug all the way from TEXAS. It's big, I know. Isn't everything in Texas big? :)

Bz said...

Wow... what happened to that meek, shy girl??
...well, at least she doesn't have a bowl haircut anymore.