Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 06, 1965 - 2009

On a hot, humid, Friday evening in August of 1965 at 7:00 PM in Tulsa, Oklahoma, The Duck and I exchanged our marriage vows in front of our families and friends.

We had been engaged for six months ... The Duck's mom was fond of saying that the engagement was about six months too long! The timing of the wedding was between The Duck's summer classes and the start of his senior year at The University of Tulsa . Because both of us were working full time as well, the only time we actually dated during the engagement was Sunday mornings, when we attended church and then had breakfast at some restaurant.

I imagine that all couples have funny stories about their wedding day ... mine is about my sweet, ole, goofy step-dad. 'Pops' is not a formal, suit and tie type of guy (and remains so today at 85 years of age!!) Weddings were probably the only time that he ever wore a tuxedo. Even his own wedding to my mother in 1955, he wore a light blue suit and looked very uncomfortable. This is a man who didn't own a car until he met my mother (who had two young children) He tells everyone that he only married her because of the two of us children. He sold two motorcycles to buy a car so we could move to Oklahoma and he could start work at American Airlines ... but I digress.

To say 'Pops' was nervous on that Friday evening is an understatement ... the Episcopal church in 1965 was very formal, women wore head coverings, there was a great deal of kneeling as well. In fact, my blind grandmother could be heard asking during the ceremony "do I have to kneel again??" The music had started, everyone was seated ... my groom and his best man were standing up at the altar ... the aisle looked like it was a mile at least from the back entrance where Pops and I stood. He was shaking like the quakies in Colorado (they are young aspen trees) as I slipped my arm in his arm. In a 'stage whisper' that could be heard in the nosebleed section of an amphitheater ... Pops leaned over and told me "Honey, if this doesn't work out, you know you can always come home!" I couldn't help myself, I laughed out loud when I looked at the people's faces as I walked toward The Duck.
I know that people worried about us ... The Duck and I were so young and had completely different personalities. Today when I tease Pops about what he told me as I was about to marry this special young man, Pops says "you're just staying together to 'spite' me!"

Forty-four years ago I had no idea what a 'wild ride' we had ahead of us ... there have been some bumps in the road, but we've never been derailed. My love for The Duck is stronger today than ever. One of The Duck's favorite sayings is " The trip is the destination." My dearest husband, I thank God for your love each day. I cherish the memories, I treasure each day and look forward to so many more together. I found compassion in your eyes, comfort in your arms and eternal love in your heart. I love you!!!


Neas Nuttiness said...

What a wonderful story. And that cake is fabulous. Wishing you many many more years of wedded bliss!

Bz said...

Holy Cow?? I go, learning more again. Geeeeez, what stat-breakers you are. I mean, I knew you were stat-breakers, but Holy Moly... what LITTLE time you all spent together BEFORE the hitching part. Y'all were still figuring out the marriage mambo when we were coming up... amazing we turned out so good (joke). I am wowed by what it has taught me... it ain't always easy and that's part of it.
Thanks for persevering, thus teaching/giving such a wonderful gift.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh Sandy I LOVED this!!!!!!!! What fun to get to hear your story and see you guys as youngsters - college age! - and then to see you all these years later together. You both have such lovely, warm, welcoming faces. They match your heart. THANK you for sharing this with us!