Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 Day 'Throw Down' ... Day One

Ready or not, here I go ... I'm starting the 30 day 'Throw Down' today, September 01, 2009. I'm sooooo ready for this to happen. It's been so long since I could exercise ... I had three rotator cuff surgeries in less than a year ... same shoulder, different doctor for the third one! Duh!!! Then it was/is the sciatica/piriformis pain ... still dealing with that one, but thankfully off the cortisone (which for the uninitiated causes one to EAT in excess. I'm dealing with an auto-immune disorder as well ... muscles specifically. Those are all of my excuses ... well, that and I'm older than dirt ... I've gotten the 'okey-dokey' from the surgeon, the 'go for it' from the rheumatologist and the "to take it easy" warning from the physical therapist. 30 minutes on the treadmill (level elevation) 45 minutes at water aerobics, grilled salmon and fresh greens with stir-fry vegetables for dinner. Thank you, Robynn (at Robynn's Ravings) for the "get up off your tush and do this" push.


Bz said...

1. Puhhhhlease, you're NOT older than dirt. If you keep saying it, you'll surely feel that way.
2. You've got to mean 'family of ORIGIN' with re: to your shirt, NOT the one you made.

Fruitcake Sandy said...

Okey Dokey, Artichokie ... I AM NOT older than dirt ... but there are days when my body does feel that way, but most of the time, it's good and I can't understand why I cannot do things like I did when I was in my 20s ... my head tells me I'm 25 most days! And it SHOULD be understood that the shirt is definitely about the 'family of Origin'... :>)