Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day Two ... under my belt!!

This will be short ... I'm just checking in as I've completed Day Two of the 'Throw Down' from Robynn's Ravings challenge. Having no fast food for 30 days is a 'piece of cake' ... if you'll excuse the analogy. My problem .... well, okay, let's get real here, as Dr. Phil is fond of saying ... ONE of my problems (that I'm not too ashamed to admit in Blogdom) is I am an 'electric motor' or so says The Duck. I'm either ON or I am OFF. I don't do anything 'half way' ... thus, I went to water aerobics today and even though I hadn't been there in two months, I jogged across the pool like my life depended on reaching the other side. I did Jumping Jacks that would put Jane Fonda to shame ... well, if she had any shame ... but I digress ... that's another one of my problems! I do have an addictive personality, that is very real. I'm told recognizing a problem is the first step to correcting the problem. I'm doing this 'challenge' and I'm going to do it until I drop .... at least a few pounds! Dinner tonight was wonderful, Scallop Kabobs, Oriental Broccoli Slaw and fresh asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce. A friend asked if it was our anniversary, when I told her no, she wanted to know what I was after? I should have impressed her with "we always eat like this" but I told her the truth ... it's Tuesday evening and Wednesday is our garbage pickup day ... so on Tuesdays we have fish, so I can throw the smelly papers, skin, whatever away. It's as simple and dull as that. Another problem ... I tend to not have 'boundaries' ... I'm learning and I've completed the second day of this challenge. Bring it on ....


Neas Nuttiness said...

I rarely eat drive-thru fast food, but I do like frozen dinners (Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Weight Watchers.) And, believe it or not, my husband loves Hamburger Helper! If I fixed him the meal you made for dinner this evening, he'd probably burst out in tears...but you can have me over for dinner anytime!

Tatersmama said...

I have to admit it -we do eat drive-thru fast food, at least once a week. It's my "one night off" a week, and I look forward to it..
And I don't know if I'm capable of changing that, but I DO know that from now on, I'm going to go with far healthier choices.

"Angiophile" (*snort* - hun,I knew what you meant!) that I am, I enjoy my tea's too!