Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Three ... a revelation

The 'Fast Food' thing isn't the problem for me. It's the snacking between meals ... and not exercising. I did water aerobics again this morning. Using my ankle floats I stay in deep water, no bouncing, easier on my joints. IF I keep moving ... bicycling my legs and using my arms like I'm doing the breast stroke ... I burn calories. I never want to go ... (the water) "it's too cold" "I have so much to do at home" "I'm too tired/sore/sleepy ... " But I think the camaraderie gives me energy and I just plain feel better. I am tempted to munch on all the samples at the grocery store after the pool. But I've discovered something ... it might be called 'willpower' but I prefer to call it "Power." It is empowering to make a conscious decision to NOT eat something I really shouldn't. It is empowering to half your dinner (we ate out at the Thai restaurant last night) before you even take the first bite. I do not feel I'm being deprived (maybe a little depraved, but that's another posting) And sharing these thoughts with others, laughing with them, gritching with them "walking the walk and talking the talk" is empowering. Thank you again, Robynn, for this opportunity.

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Tatersmama said...

I've found that I absolutely NEED to eat several times during the day, just to keep my metabolism in gear.
There's a story to it (the reason behind the slow metabolism) and I might share it sometime, but for years now, the less I eat, the more I seem to gain.

Honey, I'm so glad that you're on this journey with me!
We are women... hear us ROAR!