Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Child's Honesty

Don't you just love it when a child (often a very close child) tells you something in all innocence and honesty? They will look you directly in the eyes and smile brightly while they deliver the fatal blow! Case in point ... leaving Emmaville this afternoon (and it was already humid and 90 + degrees) I chose to wear a pair of black capri pants ... for you guys, those are the ones that stop just below the knee ... in most cases, but if you are short, they can be anywhere between the knee and your ankle! Okay, black capri pants (cotton, we're talking hot here ... temperature wise ... and I'm sitting on leather in a car for three hours) I also put on a cotton pullover, it was white trimmed in black. I am nothing if not color coordinated! I finished my attire with black sandals. I made lunch for my favorite granddaughter ... okay, okay ... yes, I know, she is my ONLY granddaughter ... then changed into the above mentioned attire and went back into the dining room to tell her good-bye. She looked up from her Mac & Cheese ... smiled a 'cheesy' grin and replied ....

"Grandma, you look like a fat, white, penguin"

I joined Weight Watchers as soon as I got home! Her fourth birthday is in July ... maybe!

Disclaimer: I am posting this embarrassing bit of information before mother of said granddaughter posts even more embarrassing remarks about the penguin!!!


Tatersmama said...

LOLOLOL! Not at YOU, darlin', but at what kids can come up with! We spend all that time trying to teach them honesty, and then something like this happens! LOLOL!

One of my day care kids told me last night that he likes sitting on my lap... "even though youse don't got much lap, but what youse do got, is so nice and SQUISHY!

I KNOW! Let's go trick or treating together, and we can go as twin Penguins! ;)

Fruitcake Sandy said...

You've got a date ... October 31, 2010 ... I'll be the short one in front ... waddling of course! :>)

Libby's Library said...

Oh My Gosh - this is a RIOT!!!!!!
Glad I wasn't drinking anything while reading the post, cause I just know that it would have shot out my nose:-0