Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Duck .... Revisited

I posted some 'wise-quacks' from this little blue feathered fellow about a year ago. I've always found him to be 'on the mark' (you know, no sugar coating, straight from the beak .. or the bill!)... of course, to be honest, I have a thing for Ducks ... well, one duck ... MY tall, handsome duck specifically. I'm over in Grandmaville ... little time to post or visit in Blogville ... so I'm just waddling through for a few minutes.


Bz said...

So true about the TP and Life thing. They say the Life/quicker thing is because the ratio of one day (month or year) is so much smaller when we're older. Think of it... to a 2 y/o, one year is HALF their life.. but to us.... eeee-what a minute fraction.
Have fun.

Tatersmama said...

It's all true... especially the presidential candidates thing. Maybe we need one candidate from each state, and then we can pit them against one another, eventually whittling them down.
It's got to be better than the system we used for the last election! (okay, so I don't like the man, okay?)

Now 'your' Duck... when do we get to see a pic of his tall and handsome self? ;)